The Marine Surveyors primary concern is the seaworthiness and safety of the vessel. Blue Guard Innovations has created a bilge switch the with the same  concerns as a marine surveyor plus helps deter water pollution. 

Protecting boat owners from unwanted oil and fuel discharge and possible fines with the latest Blue Guard “Smart” sensor technology. As diligently as we are at maintaining our boats, there is always a chance of fuel or oil being pumped over board by the bilge pump.

Blue Guard Innovations has developed a “Smart” bilge pump switch. This smart switch is able detect fuel or oil floating in the bilge water. When fuel or oil is detected the power to bilge pump is interrupted, so as not to pump the”bad stuff”over board. All boats, new or old are plagued with this problem and now there is a solution.The smart bilge switch is available  and comes configured for different applications meeting USCG and ABYC requirements, such as, High Water, Fuel & Oil detection and a bilge pump operations. Blue Guard Innovations also manufactures control panels with indicators, alarms and counters so you are aware of your bilge pump activity at all steering stations aboard a vessel.   

Blue Guard Innovations also provides a wireless gateway that allows remote monitoring and control when used with the “Smart Sensors” 

The BG-Link IoT Marine Gateway is a unique wireless monitoring system which primarily focuses on monitoring and alerting vital boat functions such as battery focuses on monitoring and alerting vital boat functions such as battery power systems and bilge functions through direct access to the internet cloud. Keeping the boat owner or designated user informed with 24/7 information about events taking place in the vessel’s bilge system. Regardless of the size of the vessel, it is easy to configure individual compartments, battery banks, down to all devices that are being monitored.